Jan Alexander writes both fiction and non-fiction that reflects how globalism and technology are changing everything, in good ways and bad.

Her second novel, Ms. Ming’s guide to civilization is set to be published by Regal House Publishing in September 2019.

Through Klearstory Editorial Services, Jan also provides consulting, writing, and editing for thought leaders in the business world.

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Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization to be Published by Regal House Publishing

Jan Alexander’s new novel Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization will be published by Regal House Publishing on September 13, 2019. Advance praise for Ms. Ming: “Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization is a ...

It’s easier to spell “tariffs” than “human rights.”

On one hand, it’s good for the U.S. to get tough with China, Fengsou Zhou, president of Humanitarian China, told me this month when he spoke at the Overseas Press Club’s ...

Ming = Clear and Bright

Her parents named her Xiao Ming, or “Little Bright One.” The Chinese character Ming – 明  can mean bright, clear, or a state of clarity, and that’s Ming’s mission: A life spent ...