Jan Alexander’s new novel Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization will be published by Regal House Publishing on September 13, 2019. Ms. Ming was a Leapfrog Fiction Prize semi-finalist.

What others say:

“Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization is a witty and sobering account of contemporary China, with a touch of the absurd. For anyone who has had enough of the white expat male China novel, this book comes as a welcomed relief as Jan Alexander seamlessly weaves in modern social issues. An excellent choice for China novices and aficionados alike.”

Susan Blumberg-Kason
author of Good Chinese Wife.

“The first line of the book, ‘Ming Cheng was born in the cruelest place on earth,’ is like a starter pistol, setting this zany, beautiful book into motion.  Jan Alexander is a deft story-teller, who manages to create a world that is both wild and breathtaking. She takes us across this alternate world, and we willingly go. I warn you though. If you pick up ‘Ms. Ming,’ you won’t be able to put her down.”

N. West Moss
author of The Subway Stops at Bryant Park.

“Real estate in heaven? An ancient god returning to earth for another chance? A wholly contemporary setting with folkloric elements? This is a world we haven’t seen before, and Jan Alexander is an excellent guide, with a confident, charismatic writing style and complex characters.”

Beth Neff
author of Getting Somewhere.

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