Time to Care About Machines Displacing Workers

5 May, 2019
The environmental, social and governance movement is adding a “T” for technology. While at board meetings, Elaine Eisenman makes a point of having conversations with fellow directors about how to meet ...

American entrepreneurial powerhouse: Jean Case’s five principles for a transformational breakthrough

5 May, 2019
Why the business vanguard believes in fearless failure. Jean Case is a powerhouse. We’re talking at the Gramercy Tavern restaurant in New York over samples of Bordeaux-style varietals from Early Mountain ...

No, the Luxe Markets Were Not Immune to the Government Shutdown—Here’s Why

4 May, 2019
“The shutdown has been one of many factors bringing prices of luxury real estate down.” Read the Full Story on Robb Reports https://robbreport.com/lifestyle/news/no-the-luxe-markets-were-not-immune-to-the-government-shutdown-heres-why-2840810/

Kentaro Toyama on Why Technology Alone Won’t Change the World

29 Apr, 2019
The University of Michigan professor believes that to solve human problems, human skill is needed more urgently than ever before. Read the full article on Strategy Business